Slip, Trail and Fall – Municipality & Premises Liabilities

Municipality liability litigation includes bodies of evidence and claims against a district, state, city or town. These cases are overwhelming in numbers since past few years due to increased ignored safety precautions and certain intentionally created dangerous situations. Our lives include association and contact with different government organizations or elements every single day. We keep in touch and interact with several government bodies each day for every day survival. They are responsible for our well being and security. It is due to their service, we can walk around with confidence and peace, our children can go around on their own and our elders can move around happily. When any of these services or security is breached, there is a threat to well being – this is the time when a municipal liability lawyer Rockland County NY comes to play.

The lawyers require unique skills at their disposal and not every lawyer is adept in this field. Municipal Liability lawyers Rockland County NY are at immediate help if you have been harmed by the state, county, city or town in NY.

Car accidents happening due to unmarked damaged roads, accidents happening at improperly guided public construction site, faulty roadside barriers etc can be very fatal which fall under Municipal Liability Litigations. If you or any of your dear one has faced any such issue pertaining to the same, you need an immediate support from an expert lawyer from Segan, Nemerov and Singer law office.

Segan, Nemerov and Singer Office of law also employ another specialized lawyer – the premises liability lawyer Nassau County NY. A premises liability accident occurs due to certain condition on somebody’s property. Conditions can include substances like oil, snow, ice, defective constructions or improper maintenance of any one’s property like broken stairs, slippery floors etc.

While in most cases, the property owners are responsible for such events, accidents occurring at commercial sites can have multiple owners renting out the commercial zone to public should be blamed at. Such typical cases where the person responsible for the mishap is difficult to spot, the premises liability lawyer Nassau county NY can help.

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