Construction Accidents Lawyers – The Need

Construction is an imperative need in the society, but sadly, construction accidents have the highest rate of accidents in the US today. Constructions workers are always exposed to perilous condition and not just them, even visitors or passers-by entering construction sites confront sudden mischance that can occur due to negligence, disobeying of safety rules or using of under grade materials in construction sites. Plus, there is heavy machinery that can anytime go wrong, there are toxic substances that can be mishandled or there can be an uncontrolled fire that can burn lives. If you are put up in the US, you will be happy to know that the law office of Segan, Nemerov and Singer can assist you in dire conditions arising out of construction accidents with their expert construction accidents lawyer Queens and Suffolk County NY.

Why Should You contact a Construction Accident Lawyer?

If you are harmed or injured in a construction site, it’s imperative to contact a lawyer to help with your injury claim. There are various state and government laws concerning individual wounds and construction sites, which might be pertinent in a given circumstance. Moreover, there are several parties who can be responsible for the injury that includes site owners, workers, sub-contractual workers, manufacturers of the faulty machinery or another outsider. Just a careful examination of medicinal records, the construction site, witness proclamations, and various parties related to the injury can determine the liability and also the laws relevant to your claim. The construction accidents lawyer Queens and Suffolk County NY start by investigating your case and determine liable parties and file case to claim all your rights.

Types of Compensations and Claims You are Eligible of:

The construction accidents lawyer Suffolk County NY and Queens can help you with any one of the following claims:

Worker’s Compensation:

Generally, we don’t see any employee raise complaint against his employer – primarily because they are entitled to various benefits offered by the worker’s compensation insurance. However, the worker has to prove that the injury was brought by flaws present on the site. Only if the worker is proved justified, he will be awarded the compensations. These claims can be brought in conjunction with the third party claims to maximize the damage recovery.

Personal Injury:

In this attempt, the worker must prove that the third party negligence was the prime cause of this injury.

Product Liability:

If a worker is injured because of any faulty equipment, he can raise a claim against the product and the company.

Wrongful Death:

If your dear one is killed on a construction site, you can raise a claim for the wrongful death on his/her behalf.

The law office of Segan, Nemerov and Singer P.C. can help you with such dire consequences and fight for your claims by offering their expert construction accidents lawyer Suffolk County NY and Queens for you. If you want to know more, visit